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Restorative Flow 4, On-Demand

Find ease in and between postures in an exploratory, restorative way.

Service Description Class begins with a call to notice where our breath resides and moves in the body. We explore some fluid movement, and then resolve to stand firm in our Tadasana (Mountain pose), thinking about what we have in our lives that requires us to be firm, strong, rooted, and grounded - noticing and honoring our satya (truth). After grounding in Tadasana, we move into a few flowing hip openers. Class ends with a short reading on expanding our container, our resilience, from Jacoby Ballard's "A Queer Dharma".

Cancellation Policy

Can't make it after all? Group Classes - please cancel 30 minutes before a session begins. 1-on-1 Sessions - please cancel 24 hours before a scheduled session.

Contact Details


Online Yoga Studio Gettysburg, PA, USA

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