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Niyamas: Saucha | Zoom OD

A deep dive into the 1st of the Niyamas - Saucha: Purity.

Service Description This is the 1st video in a special deep-dive into the Niyamas - yoga's positive duties and observances, and the second limb of yoga's 8-limbed path. The first of the Niyamas is Saucha, which translates to purity or cleanliness. It is easy to think of ways to cleanse the physical body, but what about other areas of our lives? Saucha calls us to discover the obstacles that block us from recognizing our whole, true self. Saucha can be applied to purifying the mind (journaling and "brain dumps"), purifying our communication (using skillful language, being mindful of gendered language, etc), cleansing our relationships (setting clear boundaries and expectations), and tidying our environment. We can even extend Saucha beyond ourselves, by making a way for clean air and clean water for all beings. Our Asana practice focuses on purifying the body by building Tapas (heat), to help burn off those layers that cloud or cover the essence of our truest self. We explore cleansing breaths in a variety of postures, and end with a few rounds of Kapalabhati Pranayama ("skull shining" breath, or "breath of fire") to further cleanse ourselves of those layers that cloud who we truly are. Class ends in Savasana with a few cleansing breaths, and an invitation to bring the lens of Saucha into many different areas of our lives.

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