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LIIT + Flow 3, Zoom Recording | OD

A combo class of Low-Impact Interval Training and vinyasa flow yoga.

Service Description This LIIT + Flow class has a yin-yang theme, as we explore opposite ends of the spectrum to balance the fire and water within us! Join us as we warm up, get the heart rate up, stretch it out, then melt into the mat for a 61-point yoga nidra meditation. This Low-Impact Interval Training class includes 5 different exercises during the first half of our session: • Floating table leg extensions • Gate pose to half-circle pose • Side-lying single-arm pushups • Lunge with twist • Double-tap squats with lift The second half of class focuses on a few flowing postures, and ends with Shavayatra, a 61-point meditation, calling focus to different areas in the body to help bring uninterrupted attention to each point.

Cancellation Policy

Can't make it after all? Group Classes - please cancel 30 minutes before a session begins. 1-on-1 Sessions - please cancel 24 hours before a scheduled session.

Contact Details


Online Yoga Studio Gettysburg, PA, USA

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