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Balance + Breathe 6, Zoom Recording | OD

Exploring blocks & balancing twists, plus Dirgha Pranayama.

Service Description Class opens with 5 minutes of Svadhyaya (self-inquiry), where we aim to simply notice and name thoughts and feelings as they arise. We will explore the use of blocks in Adho Mukka Svanasana (downward-facing dog) and Anjaneyasana (low-lunge), and add a balance component to Anjaneyasana with twisting movements, inviting openness into the hips and sides of the body. Class closes with Dirga Pranayama (three-part breath) and observing the qualities of our breath in Savasana.

Cancellation Policy

Can't make it after all? Group Classes - please cancel 30 minutes before a session begins. 1-on-1 Sessions - please cancel 24 hours before a scheduled session.

Contact Details


Online Yoga Studio Gettysburg, PA, USA

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