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All-Levels 10, Zoom Recording | OD

An exploration of Sun Salutations A & B, +anchoring to our breath.

Service Description During this class we break down Surya Namaskar (sun saluations) A and B. We begin by inquiring how the past week was for us individually - noting three separate events, without attaching to them. We then switch to noting how the breath feels in the present moment, inviting the present moment to be a calming anchor point we recall in the future. After taking a few preparatory breaths, we sink into Tadasana (mountain) and inquire about the qualities of this shape. Next, we move through the different asanas in Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) A a few times. Then, we move through the postures in Surya Namaskar B. We spend a few extra breaths in each shape, to feel into the effect on the body and the headspace. Class ends with a return to focusing on our breath as an anchor point, and an untitled poem by Zen poet Ryokan (1758?-1831), as shared in Jack Kornfield's "A Path with Heart."

Cancellation Policy

Can't make it after all? Group Classes - please cancel 30 minutes before a session begins. 1-on-1 Sessions - please cancel 24 hours before a scheduled session.

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Online Yoga Studio Gettysburg, PA, USA

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