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What You Need Will Remain

Finding yourself is freeing. In many instances the wellness industry gets it wrong - pushing toxic positivity in lieu of actual wellness, wholeness, and ease. It makes sense - it's harder to share our vulnerabilities than it is to just talk about *the good feels*. Sometimes we have to let go of that feel good shit, and actually reckon with some heavy stuff.


Aparigraha – non-attachment, letting go.


How does letting go help us find ourselves? For starters, let's make a short list of ways we can let go:

  • Releasing unrealistic expectations we have for ourselves or others.

  • Letting go of the idea that we have to make others more comfortable than ourselves. We can't pour from an empty cup, and we can't nourish others if we're not establishing and watering our own dang roots.

  • Letting go of the unattainable drive for perfectionism. Being generous with the amount of rest we allow ourselves to experience.

  • Stepping back from the false narrative - stuff we've been immersed in (read: drowning in), often without much choice.

  • Sitting with discomfort long enough to realise the things that are in fact no longer serving us.

Yoga in the Western sense - getting on a mat and stretching and sweating REAL HARD - doesn't do much to help us practice aparigraha, or non-attachment and letting go. We cling to the ideas of mastering physical postures, being fit enough, and pushing ourselves hard enough, instead of submitting to our body's own cues, being kind enough, soft enough, and holding on just

a little



What you need will remain.

For the month of June, pride month, I hope you find yourself a little bit more. And anyone who decides to judge or criticize the real you? Aparigraha.

Who you need will remain.

You get this one life: this one skin bag we call a body, this one anxiety noodle we call a brain. Use 'em for good, for love. Love who and what you love, and let the rest go. In love,


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