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Warm + Fuzzy

This time of year there are few things better than a warm cup of your favourite beverage, finding the perfect snuggly sweater, and a fluffy animal to pet. Honestly if you think there's anything better, you're probably wrong (she says with a gentle heart and a touch of side eye)!

Today I'm curling up with a hot drink in my new Down Dog Gettysburg sweater, AKA the softest thing I've ever put on. You know the ratty teeshirt you can't part with? The sweatshirt that has threadbare elbows and doesn't really keep you warm, but you make it your go-to before running out the door (yes, even in January)? THAT'S this sweater, except better. No holes, no tears, but the soft, worn-in feeling that just screams Autumn.

I'm never taking it off.

If you asked for my beverage recommendation, I'd give it. But since you didn't, I'll just hint... My favourite hometown art co-op roasts the most divine beans every Tuesday morning. They're the reason I started drinking coffee again after a long hiatus (no, not a two-week parting, I'm talking years). They're the reason you have no excuse to drink sub-par coffee if you live in the greater Gettysburg area. Okay, you didn't ask, but I'll tell. Waldo's & Company can't be beat, and not just for a great drink. Care about making the arts accessible to every age group? Check us out. Enjoy great coffee? Come try some, FOR FREE, tonight at the Adam's County Community Foundation's Annual Giving Spree. We're also hosting a tailgate party from 3 to 4, scooping up free gelato and ice cream courtesy of Cone Sweet Cone! So put on your favourite ratty sweatshirt, and join us!

The best part? If you arrive in time you'll get a coin worth $10 of someone else's money to give to any local non-profit of your choice! So cosy up with us tonight, tailgating from 3 to 4, or at the official Giving Spree event from 4 to 7!

No fluffy animals will be joining us tonight, but if you need your bunny-fix, come out to Down Dog Gettysburg on Monday, November 25th for the sweetest mix of pet therapy and yoga you could ever dream up. My two Jersey Wooly rabbits will roam free in the studio while we breathe, bend, and better ourselves. Or, sit on your mat for the hour long All Levels class and pass out (provided!) veggie treats to Dwight K. Snoot and Sir Jimothy Sniff. Seriously, you won't find a sweeter way to melt into the mat. RSVP here!

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