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The S P A C E Between

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Over the years I have realised simply providing yoga classes is not enough. Even if people show up, walking or talking someone through the postures does little to nothing in and of itself. I often tell students I'm just offering suggestions when I blurt out a posture here and a stretch there; a bit of breathing as an attempt to connect the two.

What does something though, is the space between.

How do you make it work? Putting yourself out there is pretty intimidating. But I want this relationship to work, and to do that there has to be openness and honesty and communication. Right? Right.

Then there is the eternal struggle of sharing vs oversharing, getting paid your worth vs giving of your time and abilities, finally diving in vs still keeping one foot on the side of the pool. My goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone, everywhere. What does accessibility mean to you - what does accessible yoga mean to you? Does it mean beginner-level classes? Low-cost options? The ability to join a class on-demand or at odd times of the day? Or perhaps it means trusting your body and mind enough to finally. Dive. In.

ac-ces-ci-ble | adj. Able to be easily obtained or used.

Yoga is a practice. The verbal cues and modeling of postures in a class isn't "it". In fact, the physical postures of yoga are just a small fraction of all that yoga is. Instead, it's the space between. The pause at the top of your breath. The shiver of bliss after meditation. The ability to fall into rhythm and know you are truly moving to your inhalations and exhalations alone. The ease of listening to your body that comes from showing it the love and care it deserves, daily... That is what keeps drawing you back to the mat.

You can't be drawn back if you've never given it a go. So, what do you need? I hope to help you create that safe space you want to keep coming back to. To have the opportunity to guide you through a physical practice of postures, breath, and mindfulness is an honour I don't take lightly. The rest - truly making yoga a part of every fibre of your life, well, YOU do that!

By honouring your body and mind.

By trying that hard, new thing. By setting that boundary.

By sitting with your feelings, even if they're uncomfortable.

As I spend time thinking through how to best meet my goal of offering accessible yoga, I invite you to leave me a comment on what that looks like to you, or send me a DM to discuss your circumstance, concern, or suggestion in private. I invite you to join me on the mat or chair so we can discover and dive into what keeps drawing us back, together.



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