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Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hi friends! I’m alison. For those of you who already know me – imagine this as me introducing myself in front of a swell gathering of folks we are all excited to be around. For those of you who are new – welcome! I hope you like it here. You'll be embraced, challenged, and acknowledged.

I am a white, cis-gendered, able-bodied, able-minded, partner, sister, daughter, parent, auntie, poet, yoga instructor, tiny business owner, facilitator, creative, justice seeker, student, and lover/inquirer of food, music, and life. I am surrounded by Susquehannock, Massawomek, and Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape land, colonized as Fairfield, Pennsylvania.

Together we can work towards expanding the containers of our “heart space and head space”, to tap into individual and collective empowerment, justice, and care.

I have been a student and facilitator of yoga for over 10 years, and I aim to meet you where you are in your practice. Yoga isn't what we (our bodies) do, but who we are, woven into every aspect of our lives. My teaching is based on the 8-limbs of yoga, and goes beyond time "on the mat." Together we can work towards expanding the containers of our “heart space and head space”, to tap into individual and collective empowerment, justice, and care.

Considering myself a student of yoga first, I am currently exploring my “Next Experience" project from my 300hr yoga teacher training with Susanna Barkataki. In June of 2022, I will be completing an 85hr Sacred Birth - Prenatal Yoga + Doula training. I can't wait. Experiencing 2 traumatic, emergency cesarean births, I am grateful to be able to explore my own healing and grow my knowledge for all birthing people.

Working in long-term care for 14 years led me to expand Vata Yoga to include virtual senior wellness at the start of the pandemic. It is an honor to connect with this population.

In an effort to make yoga accessible to all, I instituted equitable pricing in 2021 where you can choose what you pay for any class or membership, while still receiving the exact same benefits. I offer a mutual-aid membership, and host a monthly sangha session (free community yoga), with any donations redirected as mutual aid. Curious about how else I give back? Sign up for my newsletter for reports on giving, and causes that are near and dear to my heart. You can also find other ways of paying reparations, right here.

Vata Yoga is my passion, my hope, my dream realized. Vata in Sanskrit means “airy” – all movement in the body is due to Vata properties – self-expression, effort, rhythm, digestion. Vata Yoga is one container of many, in which you can learn to move mindfully and express creatively. I teach online so you can practice live from anywhere, or on your own at any time (hey On-Demand library!). Curious about other opportunities? Here is a list of some of my favourite teachers.

Simply put, vata refers to the creative buzzing inside each of us – which can be invigorating, and tiring! Learn to find harmony for your whole self, in a joyful pursuit of equity, collaborative justice, and appreciation for the wisdom and roots of yoga.

I am honored to show up in this space with and alongside you.



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