It's Sunday, and I'm feelin'...

It's Sunday, and I'm feelin' fine. Better than fine, really – incredibly grateful for these breaths we get to share together, here on this plane of existence.

I'm also feelin' a little tired, and doubt I'll be taking down my Gratitude Sale today as originally planned. If you've been sitting on the idea of starting a yoga practice or moving into deeper community with other yogis, this is the one time of the year I'm offering a steep discount on my already equitable pricing, and you get a free month to gift to a friend.

I love the idea of "yes, and". I'm feelin' fine and tired. I am grateful and yearning. I am somber and hopeful.

What can you say "yes, and", or "no, and" to, today?

It's easy to list off the things we still have to do, but I am going to take a moment to mention the things I've done. I encourage you (even before reading the rest of this), to set a timer for 2 minutes, and brain-dump everything that comes to mind when you ask yourself the question: "What have I done in the past week that I am proud of?" (if your answer is simply "breathing" or "being", know that I am proud of you).

  • I have added 4 videos to the brand new On-Demand library on my website (Yay! All Members get to enjoy this feature, with new videos added every Tuesday). This goes live on Tuesday, Jan 4th!

  • I moved my body today. I felt my breath.

  • I practiced gratitude, for myself, the land I am on, my family, and my practice. I practiced gratitude for you, dear reader.

  • I realise I am expansive – there is room for growth, stillness, joy, sadness, change, and familiarity.

Today is the day, folks. Today is your day. Take it! Take a breath. Take a look at your hands and realise they are your own. Feel the chair beneath your seat or where your body meets the earth and know that you are here, and I am grateful for it.

If you feel the nudge, hop over to and check out the Gratitude Pricing before it's gone.

Be well,


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