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How YOU Doin'?

I've been watching a lot of Friends lately. Like, a LOT. But that's not the point of this post. If you've ever watched the show you can probably hear Joey's catch phrase in your head: "How you doin'?" And while he uses it as a pickup line, it's actually a great question to ponder. How ARE you doing?! Aren't you worth asking that to on a regular basis?

I'm in a transitionary phase of life. There was a time when I wouldn't want to share the photo below. It's incomplete. It's ragged. It's not the full expression of what I wanted to show. I quite love this photo now. Truth is, we're nearly always in this phase. We're putting in the hard work to move between postures. We're failing a few times so we learn how to do it right. We're struggling, so we can come out on the other side. We're resting, recuperating, becoming.

My hope is that you'll take a moment this week to ask yourself "how you doin'?", and give yourself the time to answer. Go ahead, try it now. Don't place any expectation on how you should feel, or any blame on how you do feel. Just ask, observe, and own it. Be where you are, and then map out the transition.



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