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Every Billowy Breath We've Breathed

Chilling with my "grouchy old man", Bill-Cat, today. He's kind of my best friend, and I hate thinking about life about him. What do you want to do today? If not now when, right?

It has been exactly one week since I jumped into offering 28 classes per week. I'm thankful for every single class I've had the honour of leading folks through - every early morning wake up wiggle meant to release tension and trauma - every billowy breath we've breathed - every meditative moment and mind jaunt we've gone on. I'm privileged to have a rather incredible partner at home to watch the kids and cook breakfast so I can teach up to 6 sessions in a day! Thanks John.

You booked exactly 15 of those 28 classes this week – over half! I’ve taught at least one of each of the 8 types of class I offer, and while some slots only had 1 student in attendance, I’m gaining such valuable feedback and data to know exactly which classes and times will suit you best, moving forward.


So this is where I ask for your help.


You can still grab an unlimited monthly membership and attend as many classes as you want – annnd get a free month membership to give to a friend. The free membership to share is only good through the end of May though, so don’t miss out. What classes do you want to book for yourself for the coming weeks? Come June the class schedule will be pared down to the most popular class styles and times, so make your favourites known by booking now!

For now though, I’m going to emphasize the importance of rest and get back to my day off.

While I knew I needed to offer loads of classes to find out how to craft the absolute best schedule for you, incredible human! - I also know I can’t offer 28 classes a week forever. Don’t push yourself, is my advice for you today. Guide yourself, gently, or find a group of folks who can help guide you. Maybe here, at Vata Yoga? I’d love the chance.

Be well, and eat the cake,


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